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Our Dallas Trademark Attorneys understand the importance of having secure trademarks and service marks to carry the consumer faith and goodwill placed in your company.  Unlike patents, trademarks have a modicum of protection from the time they are first used in commerce.  However, this protection can be very difficult to enforce if your trademark is unregistered.  With over a decade of experience in protecting and defending trademarks, our Dallas Trademark Lawyers know the various complexities you can encounter in trying to protect or enforce your trademark.  We offer a variety of services to help you ensure that your trademark is secure and protected.


Trademark Searches


Because trademark protection is based on the mark's first use in commerce, it is essential to protecting your trademark to know what other marks are out there.  Our Dallas Patent Attorneys assist clients to ascertain the protectability of their trademarks by performing research and trademark searches for registered and in-use trademarks that may compete or conflict with our clients' marks and determining when such marks were first in use.


Trademark Registration


Although trademarks have a certain degree of protection from the first time they are used in commerce, trademark registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office offers much stronger protection and greatly increases your ability to enforce all protection for your trademark.  Because much of the protectability of your mark depends on when it was first used, registration of the mark provides a verified record of your trademark and when it was first used, making it much easier to enforce your trademark rights.  Additionally, registering your trademark provides options for protection from foreign infringement by imported goods that would otherwise be much less available.  Our Dallas Trademark Lawyers help our clients to prepare the effective registration applications needed to secure and guarantee their trademark protection rights.


Trademark Licensing and Assignment Agreements


The value of a trademark depends on the value consumers associate with the mark; a trademark is only as valuable as the amount of faith, goodwill, and desirability consumers place in the goods and services associated with the mark.  For this reason, strong, consistent licensing agreements are essential to securing the continued value of your trademark by ensuring that your mark is only affixed to goods of a certain quality.  Additionally, if you have generated a high value for your mark and wish to sell it, proper assignment agreements are necessary in order to protect you and ensure that you get what you deserve for the value of your mark.  Our Dallas Trademark Attorneys have over a decade of experience in negotiating trademark  licensing and assignment agreements our clients need to protect themselves and their trademarks.


Trademark Infringement and Litigation


Most trademark infringement litigation initially starts with a cease and desist letter instructing the infringing party to stop using the mark.  From there, if the infringement continues, litigation usually revolves around determining who used the mark first, whether the marks conflict, either in style or area of commerce, or the nature of any licensing agreements affecting the rights to use the mark.  Our Dallas Trademark Lawyers have years of experience in drafting and responding to cease and desist letters and in providing clients the intelligent and strategic representation needed in trademark infringement cases.  Whether you have received a cease and desist letter or are facing an infringement of your mark, our Dallas Trademark Attorneys can assist you to discern and defend your trademark rights.








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